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The city is located on a large island at the western tip of the Sicilian Peninsula and is surrounded by dense rainforest. With an inland center and an eastern port where you can buy goods, the city's residents are highly educated. Its best location is on a volcanic island, about 40 km south of the beach.

The center of Catania is the historic Roman village of Traverse Town, a large port established by the Roman authorities to serve the Italian coastal ports of Catania and Trieste when Rome took control in 312AD. The port itself is built of wood, stone, iron ore, limestone, and marble and is surrounded by a wooden fence with a ditch in front of it, the "garden wall", which prevents enemy guns from getting in. Traverse is a Roman town, with numerous streets and bridges. Catania's city limits are 1,000 meters long and 500 meters wide, extending from coast to sea, along the coastal area.

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